March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Dallin!

Today is my wonderful husbands birthday!! He is a quarter of a century old today too :) Quite the monumental age, eh? Here are some facts and fun things about him (and some of the MANY reasons why I love him! :))

-He's a very talented and diverse musician. He has been playing the violin since he was 3, has been playing the piano since he was 8 (I think. . . ) and taught himself how to play the guitar. But that's not all! He also has an amazing voice. The kind that makes me go weak in the knees when I hear it. Love it.
-He's so determined. When a task is put in front of him, he'll do whatever it takes to accomplish it.
-He is one of the hardest workers I know. I suppose this goes along with being determined, but he works his tail off during the summers and in all of his classes during the fall and winter.
-He's a neat freak. :) He hates clutter and junk and messes. Luckily, I am pretty much just as much of a neat freak, so we go well together. :)
-He's so helpful. He almost always helps with the dishes after dinner and he just does all the little things around the house, which are such a huge help to me.
-He always compliments me. He's such a sweetheart and I always feel so good about myself when he's around. I always know his eyes are on me, not on any one else.
-He's so incredibly thoughtful. He always thinks of me first. He's totally selfless in this relationship and I am so grateful for that.
-He's super handsome. :) And he works out almost everyday, too. Such a macho man I married :)
-He's my best friend in the entire world and I am totally and completely in love with him. I am so grateful for the amazing man that he is and for the great example and support he is to me.

I love you, and Happy Birthday hon!!

(Check out that blaze! You could get a sun tan from that thing! :) That is, "A Cheesecake Named Desire" ice cream cake from Cold Stone. YUM!)


Rachel said...

Happy birthday Dallin. I hope you received our voice mail last night with an amazing rendition of Happy Birthday to you...cha cha cha. Arranged by the kids...directed by the adults. I hope you had a great day. Cant wait to see you guys soon.

calawayfamily said...

Hey Happy Birthday Dallin. I left a post up for you guys on my blog so you can check it out again Happy B-day broda

Jessica said...

Cool! Didn't know your hubby was an ag major! He and Shane would get along well I'm guessing! Let me tell ya, after the first quarter century goes by, its all downhill from there! I'm gonna be 27 this year! Holy CRAP!!! LOVE IT!!!!

I miss and love you Ashley!