August 5, 2010

Day 10: This Life I Lead

Do you ever have those moments when you look at your surroundings and you just feel at home? Things are familiar and comfortable and you just feel good? That happened to me yesterday. I was driving out to see Dallin when I realized I was a little low on gas, so I stopped off to fill up at a station in a little town called Monmouth. As I was sitting there, about 5 combines rolled by on the highway that goes through town, and a smile crept on to my face. "This right here? This defines summer for me" I thought. I loved that in this small town there was farm equipment rolling by with 40+ cars and trucks all lined up behind them. I loved that if I was one of those 40+ cars or trucks I would have loved every second of it, because for some reason, this girl who gets so impatient behind the wheel, can be stuck behind a tractor or a combine or a swather and suddenly not have a care in the world. I don't think I ever imagined my life would be so closely tied to farming when I was looking for a potential husband, but now that I am here, in this place, I love it. I love where I am, I love who I'm with, I love this simple life I lead. I love combines holding up traffic on a beautiful summers day.

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