August 11, 2010

Day14: Who I Want To Become

I can barely see my keyboard right now. I just watched this video. (I'm totally stealing this from you, Hill, sorry.) That man, Chris Williams, he's who I want to become like. Grab a large wad of tissues before you watch this. Trust me, whether you're pregnant and hormonal or not, you'll need them.


Heather said...

I watched that a few days ago, still great today! Amazing what forgiveness can do to change lives.

Blaine, Hillary & Colton said...

Ha, ha. I don't care--I stole it from NieNie's blog. I cried--and then I watched it again--and cried some more. Why do we do this to ourselves? Doesn't it just make you thank your lucky stars and want to wrap your arms around the people you love? Thinking of you as you melt your way through the rest of the summer!

tharker said...

I too watched this one a few days ago, and I was sobbing within the first minute. lasted for the rest of the video. Yeah, I'm still totally post partum hormonal ;)

What a wonderful example he is.