August 12, 2010

Day 15: I'm Coming!

"You can't lean on the arm of Government and be successful! We are making a mistake by distancing ourselves from God." -Glenn Beck

Dallin and I are watching Glenn Beck right now, and the above quote was just said by him. He is the man that has inspired this 40 day transformation I am currently undergoing. After he said that, Dallin said, "You can't rely on the arm of flesh."

That got me to thinking, how many times do I rely on the arm of flesh? How many times do I forget to turn to my Heavenly Father and, instead, look to some other source? Too often, I'm afraid. I need to fix that. I believe a course correction is in order. How many times do we read the phrase in scripture "come unto me"? The Savior is constantly pleading with us to come to Him and let Him be apart of our lives. So why don't I always let Him?? Because, I'm a natural (wo)man. I rely on my arm of flesh too heavily. But I promise, I am working on this. I'm trying to be better. I'm coming. It might still be awhile, but I'll get there.

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