August 17, 2010

Day 19: You're The Inspiration!

I'm not your typical girl. I don't cry in chick flicks or in sappy movies. I don't really ever cry, period (except now that I am pregnant. You can't STOP the tears anymore, it's kind of ridiculous.) But there is one thing that will get me crying instantly, no matter what, no matter where. Sporting events. Yes. You read that right. Sporting events. Track meets in particular. When I see athletes giving it their all, I lose it. I think it's because I know exactly how it feels to give everything you've got in that one moment; to be the best you can be. I know the burning in your lungs, legs filled with lead, can't go any harder, can't go any faster, giving it your all feeling. It's inspiring to me to see people working so hard at something.

So, it was no wonder that I was fogging up behind my lens as I took pictures of my oldest sister, Rachel, when she competed in her triathlon in July. (I know, I am so behind on posting about this!) She and her friend Wendy Beus trained and competed together (along with about half of Pasco 6th ward!) It was so amazing to see her accomplish this amazing feat because of a few things. One, it was her first triathlon ever. Two, she has diabetes and has had it since she was 12. She was diagnosed with it a few months prior to my being born. But don't let any statistician tell you anything about the likelihood of not being able to do certain things because of diabetes, because Rachel has beat them all. She's got 4 totally healthy girls (which in and of itself is a miracle) is totally fit and trim (and gorgeous to boot) and has a normal lifestyle apart from her having to give herself insulin at random times during the day. So, needless to say, I was in awe and totally inspired as I watched her compete in her triathlon. She got a great time too. Here are some of the pictures from the race.

I didn't get there in time to get a picture of her getting out of the Columbia from the swim, but I caught her just in time for the bike portion. This is just as she was coming back from the bike ride.

All the kids got cowbells from some random person handing them out and they were loving life. We finally told them they couldn't ring the bells unless they saw someone coming or going. :)

Just starting her 5K run.

Crossing the finish line! Phew!

Chad, Rach and the girls after the race.

The whole 6th ward group that competed (plus a couple not in 6th ward :))

So I guess my point with all of this is to say thank you to those who have inspired me. Thank you to my amazing siblings who are constantly defying all odds and doing great things and being the best siblings a youngest child could ever ask for. Thank you to amazing singers, pianists, violinists, guitarists, dancers, athletes, etc who have accomplished so much and inspired me to do my best in all I do. Thank you to my amazing father who, even though he was an outstanding athlete, never pushed us to do anything we didn't want to do, but supported us in everything. And thank you to my wonderful mother, who played taxi and ran us all over heck so that we could pursue our dreams. You are all my inspiration. *Cue Chicago* :)

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Rachel said...

I have always loved your sister. (Like all the Henry's!) she is beautiful and has a great personality to boot. She IS a great inspiration. :)