May 23, 2010

Hey Pretty Baby With The High Heels On!

Last night, Dallin, Marcus, Ashley and I all went to the Portland temple and did an endowment session. It was wonderful. That Temple is SPECTACULAR. Oh my goodness. If you need a weekend away, come down to Portland, go to the temple, hit up Ikea, HomeGoods, and any other wonderful shops you may enjoy (and don't pay sales tax, woot woot!). It would be the ideal weekend.

Oh, and then, when you're done, go to the OMSI museum and see the Michael Jackson themed laser light show. It. Is. AWESOME. We went after our temple session and LOVED it. Well, Dallin actually got a headache from the music being so loud, and it's kinda trippy. As Marcus put it, "these kind of shows must give you a glimpse of what it's like to be high." :) But it was sweet. Thriller was the bomb, because they had these lasers that formed skeletons on the ceiling doing the Thriller dance. It was hilarious. Honestly? Highly entertaining.

I love discovering new things in the places I live. It's so much fun. A few weeks ago, we went to a place called Silver Falls. (I haven't posted about it til now because I TOTALLY look preggers in all the pics of me and Dallin.) It is an amazing place. It's a state park and there are 10 HUGE waterfalls throughout. There is a main path that leads to all 10 waterfalls and, if you do the whole thing, is an impressive 8 mile loop. We decided not to do the entire loop and just did 5 miles instead. Trust me, 5 miles was plenty. By the end, I was worn out. (I know, it's so sad. In normal conditions, as in, not being pregnant, I could have done the whole 8 miles, no sweat. But now, I just get uncomfortable. And I was only 15 weeks at the time, dang it!) We took lots of pictures and loved the scenery. Probably one of the most beautiful days we have enjoyed in this area so far. And there was no rain! Which is kind of a miracle, considering the downpours we have had yesterday and today. Anyhow, here are some of the pictures I have edited so far from Silver Falls.

In front of Angel Falls

...Like I said, totally looking pregnant in these pictures...

Totally sad this one turned out so dark. But it's really good of everyone! :)

Aaaannnddd, I don't remember the name of this particular falls. We saw a lot that day, ok?? Sheesh. :)

Don't mind me, I'm just getting the prego belly. And looking mighty attractive while I'm at it! :)

I believe this one was actually Silver Falls.

This was on our drive to the park.

This is a friend of Marcus and Ashleys (and now a friend of ours :)) Shawna and her little girl Julianne. Shawna's husband, Doug, is in law school with Marcus at Willamette. Is Julianne not one of the CUTEST little girls ever??


Em and Ms said...

That does sound fun! I've been to Silver Falls and it is beautiful.

Jer and Myaela said...

Fun! My parents suggested we stop by there on our trip to Corvallis, but we didn't really have time and it was raining the whole time anyway. Cute pics!

Chelsea said...

Nothing's wrong with looking pregnant. Rock it! I love that area...we go there often because of Kyle's family living in Vancouver.